6th Grade Visits Edgerton Explorit Center
Posted on 10/27/2015
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Centennial 6th graders went to the Edgerton Explorit Center for a field trip on Thursday, October 15.  This fun and educational place is named after Harold “Doc” Edgerton. Doc Edgerton was born in Fremont, Nebraska but grew up near Aurora. Summer work at Nebraska Power and Light sparked an interest in electricity for him. Doc attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and got his degree in Electrical Engineering. He then went on to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and earned his Master’s degree and later his Doctorate. He is responsible for many inventions and earned many patents on devices he created. One of his most famous inventions was the stroboscopic light (strobe). The sixth graders got to spend some time just messing with science stuff in “the zone”. They also got to participate in two different demonstrations. One was called “Good Vibrations” which was a demonstration for us to “see” how our ears work. Dancing fire was the highlight of this demo. They also got to participate in “Stopping Time” which was evidence of Doc’s stroboscopic light to stop time to capture pictures of people or things moving quickly. As a man who believed that hands on learning was the best learning for kids the last thing the 6th graders got to do was participate in a Rube Goldberg Lab. Mr. Goldberg was a cartoonist, sculptor, and author. He is best known for his “inventions”. A Rube Goldberg contraption is an elaborate set of “things” put into motion to complete a simple task. They partnered up and each group of 2 had a bag of materials and 20 minutes for a marble to touch at least four items from their bag of material; one item touched must trigger another item to move like a chain reaction.  The marble had to start in their hand and had to end in a cup. Each group had to carry their “work station” to the front and demonstrate their working Rube to the entire 6th grade as well as sponsors that attended the field trip. If their Rube was successful they earned an Edgerton Explorit color changing cup! Hands on stuff is the best kind of learning and the 6th graders were busy most of the day learning by doing. The day was a great one and the weather even cooperated. (Mrs. Dey’s field trip days are usually the crummiest weather days ever!)
-Mrs. Dey