Centennial Students Winners At 2012 Nebraska State Fair
Posted on 09/27/2012
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by Mr. Johnson

The Education contests at the Nebraska State Fair proved to be a great opportunity for Centennial students.  Individual awards were earned by students at the annual fair in August.

Scholarships are awarded to all students who place either 1st or 2nd in a contest, in their respective divisions. One hundred dollar scholarships are awarded to the first place winners and fifty dollar scholarships for second place.  Centennial students received scholarship dollars  totaling to $650 this year:

Contests that included Centennial participants were:  Art, Essay, Spelling Bee, Science Test, Social Studies Test, Math Test, Penmanship, Grammar Test, Junior High and Senior High Quiz Bowls, Improvisation Contest, Environmental Poster, Brick Art, Computer Graphics, Power Point, Computer Graphics, and Shakespeare Interpretation.

Team highlights include one of the Centennial High School Quiz Bowl teams that competed placed 2nd.  Centennial took the 2nd and 4th place honors in the High School Improvisation contest. The Middle School team placed 4th in Improvisation as well.

Also awarded were awards for overall champions in the Education contests.  A point was given for each contest that a student competed in, with additional points given for placing in a contest.  Clare Wilton placed 6th in the overall sweepstakes in the Middle School Division. At the Elementary level, William Wilton placed 5th overall.  

Centennial Elementary placed 2nd overall out of all the schools competing from across the state.

Name Contest Place Div
Chaylee Tonniges  Penmanship 4 3-5
Roxie Fowler  Penmanship Hon. Mention 3-5
Erika Cast Penmanship Hon. Mention 3-5
Emily Farley Penmanship 2 6-8
Heath Haberman Penmanship Hon. Mention 6-8
Ann Wilton Penmanship Hon. Mention 9-12
Ann Wilton  Power Point 6 9-12
Sam Wilton  Power Point 4 9-12
Clare Wilton Power Point 4 6-8
Will Wilton Power Point Hon. Mention 3-5
Luke Petersen Essay Hon. Mention 3-5
Sid Farley Essay Hon. Mention 3-5
Brayden Haberman Essay 5 6-8
Gavin Avery  Essay Hon. Mention 6-8
Emily Farley  Essay Hon. Mention 6-8
Ann Wilton Essay 4 9-10
Sam Wilton Essay 1 11-12
Kaia Wiezorek  Art Hon. Mention 3-5
Ashton Benjamin Art Hon. Mention 3-5
Erika Cast Art 5th 3-5
Roxie Fowler  Art Hon. Mention 3-5
Aurora Junge Art Hon. Mention 3-5
Sydney Kinnett Art Hon. Mention 3-5
Maddie Leifert Art Hon. Mention 3-5
Tylor Nagel Art Hon. Mention 3-5
Emma Stutzman Art Hon. Mention 3-5
Elijah Wiezorek Art 4 3-5
Owen Kellogg Art Hon. Mention 9-12
Ann Wilton Art Hon. Mention 9-12
Clare Wilton Computer Graphics 3 3-8
Elizabeth Keith Computer Graphics Hon. Mention 3-8
Will Wilton  Environmental Poster 6 K-5
Clare Wilton Environmental Poster Hon. Mention 6-12
Sam Wilton  Environmental Poster Hon. Mention 6-12
Ann Wilton Environmental Poster Hon. Mention 9-12
Owen Kellogg Environmental Poster 6 6-12
Ann Wilton Shakespeare Interp. 1st 9-12
William Wilton Interpretation 1st 3-5
Clare Wilton Interpretation 5th 6-8
Elijah Wiezorek Math Hon. Mention 3-5
Luke Petersen Math 5th 3-5
Sam Wilton Math Hon. Mention 11-12
Luke Petersen Soc. Studies 6th 3-5
Will Wilton Soc. Studies 3rd 3-5
Sierra Epke Soc. Studies Hon. Mention 6-8
Alli Hottovy Soc. Studies Hon. Mention 6-8
Sam Wilton Social Studies 6th 11-12
Dalton Dey Social Studies 4th 11-12
Garrett Richters Grammar Hon. Mention 6-8
Braydon Conell Grammar Hon. Mention 6-8
Sierra Epke Grammar 6th 6-8
William Lavelle Grammar 3rd 6-8
Rebecca Poole Grammar Hon. Mention 3-5
Alycia Timmerman Grammar Hon. Mention 3-5
Natalie Hammer Grammar 6th 3-5
HS Improvisation  Improv. 4th 9-12 Jacob Rafert,Danielle Wheeler,Shianne Kolts,Christina Vavra
HS Improvisation  Improv. 2nd 9-12 Dalton Dey, Dacee Dey, Anna Naber, Emily Poole
Jr. High Improv. Improv. 4th 6-8 William Lavelle, Sierra Epke, Clare Wilton, McKenna Gierhan, Amber Cast, Emily Farley
Quiz Bowl Quiz Bowl 2nd 9-12 Dalton Dey, Jacob Rafert, Anna Naber, Emily Poole
Merrick Songster Science Hon. Mention 3-5
Luke Petersen Science 5th 3-5
Elijah Wiezorek Science 3rd 3-5
Ian Schlueter Spelling Hon. Mention 3-5
Caleb Fowler Spelling Hon. Mention 3-5
Rebecca Poole Spelling Hon. Mention 3-5
Luke Petersen Spelling 6th 3-5
Merrick Songster Spelling 5th 3-5
Alicia Timmerman Spelling 4th 3-5
Ann Wilton Spelling Hon. Mention 9-12
Will Wilton Sweepstakes
Jarrett Dodson Brick Art 2nd 3-6
Clare Wilton Sweepstakes 6th 6-8
Centennial Elementary School Sweepstakes 2nd