John Archambault Visit
Posted on 04/29/2013
Centennial 2nd graders with John Archambault and their teachers.  The Centennial 2nd grade teachers are Mrs. Brittni Peltz and Mrs. Dana Chrisman.April 17th was an exciting day at Centennial Public School.  We had John Archambault, a very famous author, musician, and speaker here.  He lead many sessions to enable each class from preschool-6th grade to participate.  John incorporated music and humor into his sessions.  The main points he stress to the kids were:

1.  Get into a Book!

2.  Don't stop dreaming dreams!  When John was in third grade he knew he wanted to be an author!  (A great example for our kids!)

3.  What we put into our brain is what we get out.  Examples:  If we put anger and garbage into our brain and that is what will come out.  If we put kindness and love of learning into our brain then we will produce these characteristics.  Make good choices of what we feed ourselves with each day!