Red Ribbon Week
Posted on 11/04/2013
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In honor of Red Ribbon Week, Centennial elementary students spent time learning about the dangers of drug use as well as dangers associated with smoking and using alcohol at an early age.  

Students also spent time learning about bullying behaviors and what to do if they ever feel someone is bullying them.  They learned that bullies hurt others, act bossy, make fun of others, and try to make others feel like they don't belong.  Students learned to tell an adult if they feel threatened by a bully.  

To end the week, each classroom was given an egg.  They had to create a "contraption" to protect their egg when it was dropped from a Seward Rural Public Power boom truck.  Students gathered in front of the school as the egg containers were released from 30 feet in the air.  There were parachutes, styrofoam containers, bubble wrap, cans, and boxes.  Nearly all of the eggs survived their fall!

Just as the students learned to protect their bodies from harmful things like drugs, alcohol, and bullies, they protected their egg from the fall.