Centennial Public School utilizes Apptegy as a notification system. This tool is used to notify parents, faculty, staff, and other key members of the school community in the event of an emergency or other district-wide event. This system works with our student information system, PowerSchool and doesn't require any sign up by parents of current students. Contact phone numbers and/or email addresses are taken from PowerSchool data. Thus it is important the office has the most current contact information for your child.

  • Voice phone calls are the primary method of communication with this system. Problems with e-mails and text messages will not be priorities to resolve.

  • If you did not receive a message when you believe you should have, please contact your child's school office and confirm that your home phone, mobile phone, and e-mail addresses on file are current.

  • Students who wish to have their cell phone get alerts, can request this from one of the secretaries in the office.

  • Please understand it is the superintendent or principal's discretion on who a message is sent to and by what method. Not all messages are sent to all parents (i.e. messages are grouped by grade, activity, school, etc.) Just because a friend received the message doesn't mean it was supposed to go to you too.

  • If you are a member of the public and do not have a student enrolled at Centennial, you can sign up for Bronco Alerts by completing this form: Bronco Alerts Enrollment Please allow 3-4 business days for activation.  Please do not use this enrollment if you are a current student or parent.