If you already have a PowerSchool Parent Account and you need to add a new student to it, follow these instructions.

NOTE: You will need the PowerSchool AccessID and AccessPassword for the student you want to add. Parents are sent this information by mail within the first couple of weeks of school. If you lost this information, please contact your child' school office to have this information sent to you.

PowerSchool Log In window, requesting parent for their ID in the first box and the password in the second box.  Hyperlink to the question "Having trouble signing in?" in case you forgot your ID or password.  A blue box on the lower right corner with the letters of Sign In.

  • Log in using your PowerSchool Parent Account login information.

  • Click on Sign In.

  • When you are logged into PowerSchool, click on Account Preferences, located at the bottom of the menu bar on the left.

Navigation window with a multiple set of options. Grades and Attendance, Grade History, Attendance History, Teacher Comments, Power Announcements, Email Notification, Update Contact Info, Newsletter Archive, 2013-2014 Locator Card, My Calendars and Account Preferences. An arrow appears next to Account Preferences.

  • At the Account Preferences screen, click on the Students tab.

Two tabs appear on the window Profile and Students. There's an arrow next to Students to click on it.

  • Once you are in the Students tab, you will see the name of the student you currently have associated with your account.

  • Click on the Add+ button to add another student.

Inside the tab of Students, the heard says "To add a Student to your Parent Account, click the ADD button". Below there's a table with the title of My Students and two columns. The first one with the name of your student and on the second column, there's a blue box with the words ADD, click there.

  • A window will appear. Enter the information for your student in this area. Click on Submit when you are done.

A window appears to fill out a form. There's the header with Student Name, Student ID, Access Password, and Relationship, each one with their respective boxes to fill out, with the exception of Relationship. There's a multiple options box over that header with a list of various options. There's two buttons on the right corner with the words of Cancel and Submit, click on Submit once you're done.

  • If you entered the correct information, you will see this screen. Under My Students, you will see the student you added.

You're back to Account Preferences window inside the Student tab. Only underneath the students table, there's the new addition of the student you just placed the information of.

  • Repeat these steps to add any additional students to your PowerSchool Parent Account.