The Centennial Public School District encompasses the communities of Beaver Crossing, Utica and Waco whose districts merged in 1967 (Thayer merged with Waco earlier). The school district of Gresham and part of the Cordova district joined in 1986.

Utica - pop. 806
Utica is served by U.S. Highway 34, five miles north of Interstate 80 off Exit 366 and on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe main line. Utica, located in Seward County, is a thriving community where your business will grow. Seward County employers cite the Midwest work ethic and access to a population of almost a half million as strengths of their location. Interstate 80 is five miles south of Utica. With only a 45 minute drive to downtown Lincoln, population 240,000, Utica offers cost of living and quality of life advantages with access to metropolitan benefits. Seward County residence provides a plethora of opportunities for varied interests. Seward County’s diverse cultural and entertainment amenities are a result of influence from and access to nearby Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. Concordia University and Southeast Community College, both located in Seward County, contribute to Utica's talented workforce.

Beaver Crossing - pop. 432
Beaver Crossing is located on Nebraska Highway 80e, three miles south of I-80 off Exit 369.

Waco - pop. 260
Waco is located on US 34, five miles north of I-80 off Exit 360 and on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe main line. Employers include a national manufacturer and regional restaurant.

Gresham - pop. 256
Gresham is located on Nebraska 69 and is within 14 miles from I-80. Agriculture plays a strong role in the community. The community has a strong focus on families and safety boasting a community center, library, ball fields, and new fire department facility.

Cordova - pop. 127
Cordova is located on Nebraska Spur 76a, seven miles south of I-80 off Exit 366.

Thayer - pop. 68
Thayer is located five miles north of US 34 and five miles east of US Expressway 81. Numerous small businesses utilize Thayer as headquarters while serving a regional customer base.

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