Ms. Colette came to Kindergarten and Preschool to tell us about dental health.  Her friend Leo came too! 

We learned that snacks that are too sticky or have too much sugar can cause cavities.  Something like M&M's is a better choice because the chocolate melts away from our teeth.  White milk or water are better choices than pop, juice, or chocolate milk. Of course fruits and veggies are a great choice too!   We helped Leo make good choices to pick healthy snacks. 

We all received a new toothbrush and a calendar to help us remember to brush two times a day.  It is best to use big circles when brushing our teeth and gums.  Children under the age of 7 can brush their own teeth but then an adult should check to make sure they are all clean!  

Thank you to Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry for the lesson and for the toothbrushes and calendars!