Second Quarter 

Honor Roll - 3.5-4.0

Honorable Mention - 3.0-3.4999
No D's or F's 
Students must have an attendance record with less than 5 unexcused absences per Quarter and less than 10 unexcused absences per Semester.

Butzke, Lillian Sylvia12Honor Roll Q2
Dodson, Jarrett Emery12Honor Roll Q2
Fehlhafer, Trevor Stephen12Honor Roll Q2
Fischer, Ava K12Honor Roll Q2
Grant, Riley Joseph12Honor Roll Q2
Hawley, Emalee12Honor Roll Q2
Hirschfeld, Alex Henry12Honor Roll Q2
Hoffschneider, Cora12Honor Roll Q2
Hoffschneider, James12Honor Roll Q2
Hornbacher, Bryson Lee12Honor Roll Q2
Horne, Savannah Sue12Honor Roll Q2
Keith, Nickolas Gregory12Honor Roll Q2
Kubicek, Libbie Anessa12Honor Roll Q2
Luebbe, Kate Claire12Honor Roll Q2
Menze, Rylee May12Honor Roll Q2
Moore, Kaylea Ann12Honor Roll Q2
Naber, Karley Marie12Honor Roll Q2
Payne, Cora Elizabeth12Honor Roll Q2
Prochaska, Molly Opal12Honor Roll Q2
Rempel, Mackenzie Faye12Honor Roll Q2
Rhodes, Dalayni Michelle12Honor Roll Q2
Rozendal, Mallory Irene12Honor Roll Q2
Sams, Benjamin Lee12Honor Roll Q2
Smith, Shyann Elizabeth12Honor Roll Q2
Songster, Cyrus Timothy12Honor Roll Q2
Stewart, Trayton Vann12Honor Roll Q2
Streit, Brylie Dee12Honor Roll Q2
Wellman, Jackson James12Honor Roll Q2
Bargen, Catelynn Marie11Honor Roll Q2
Cradick, Jayden Lynn11Honor Roll Q2
Ehlers, Samuel Walter11Honor Roll Q2
Fehlhafer, Jake Christopher11Honor Roll Q2
Fehlhafer, Paul Henry11Honor Roll Q2
Hoops, Matthew Dana11Honor Roll Q2
Kahler, Ayla Corinne11Honor Roll Q2
Richters, Ryan Dennis11Honor Roll Q2
Sams, Natalie Jo11Honor Roll Q2
Scheele, Saige Kay11Honor Roll Q2
Schernikau, Grace Magdalene11Honor Roll Q2
Slawnyk, Devin Matthew11Honor Roll Q2
Smith, Danika Marie11Honor Roll Q2
Stuhr, Averie Rose11Honor Roll Q2
Turnbull, Josephine Elizabeth11Honor Roll Q2
Vossler, Joleen Anne11Honor Roll Q2
Wagner, Jordan Evan11Honor Roll Q2
Wambold, Ella Ryan11Honor Roll Q2
Wettengel, Cassidy Nicole11Honor Roll Q2
Winkelman, Camden Joseph11Honor Roll Q2
Cradick, Payton Rieker10Honor Roll Q2
Fehlhafer, Shelby Lynn10Honor Roll Q2
Galley, Hope Ann Marie10Honor Roll Q2
Gumaer, Andrea Kay10Honor Roll Q2
Hoffschneider, Luke Ryan10Honor Roll Q2
Kosek, Kobie Myka10Honor Roll Q2
Kraus, Alexis Janae10Honor Roll Q2
Krohe, Cissanie Dene10Honor Roll Q2
Luebbe, Hannah Lee10Honor Roll Q2
Miller, Ryleigh Katelynn10Honor Roll Q2
Nissen, Dalaina Ray10Honor Roll Q2
Payne, Cael10Honor Roll Q2
Payne, Sarah Aloha10Honor Roll Q2
Ruether, Kasten Lee10Honor Roll Q2
Stelling, Cooper Jay10Honor Roll Q2
Sunday, Nathan James Lee10Honor Roll Q2
Tonniges, Cheyenne Lynn10Honor Roll Q2
Warm, Anna Grace10Honor Roll Q2
Ziegler, Riley Leigh10Honor Roll Q2
Baack, Ella Jean9Honor Roll Q2
Boyer, Dakota Kay9Honor Roll Q2
Butzke, Josephine Marie9Honor Roll Q2
Crawford, Emmett Jensen9Honor Roll Q2
Donohoe, Terin David9Honor Roll Q2
Escobedo, Emilee Yazmin9Honor Roll Q2
Fischer, Nya Rae9Honor Roll Q2
Friedrichsen, Caleb Christopher9Honor Roll Q2
Harroun, Hurley Haven9Honor Roll Q2
Hoffschneider, Meg Olivia9Honor Roll Q2
Kinnett, Keira Shea9Honor Roll Q2
Naber, Owen Michael9Honor Roll Q2
Olson, Marley9Honor Roll Q2
Opfer, Tyler Mary Jean9Honor Roll Q2
Petzoldt, Addison Kay9Honor Roll Q2
Prigge, Jaclynn S9Honor Roll Q2
Shufeldt, Madisyn Daisy9Honor Roll Q2
Stahr, Teagan Joyce9Honor Roll Q2
Brown, Masa Ann12Honorable Mention Q2
Guinn, Dakota Wayne12Honorable Mention Q2
Opfer, Jake Timothy12Honorable Mention Q2
Schernikau, Garrison Evan12Honorable Mention Q2
Breitkreutz, Lauryn Virginia11Honorable Mention Q2
Cast, Grant Herbert11Honorable Mention Q2
Clouse, Caylie Jo11Honorable Mention Q2
Dishman, Parker Timothy11Honorable Mention Q2
Kitzing, Madilyn Grace11Honorable Mention Q2
Reyle, Quinnlin11Honorable Mention Q2
Tomjack, Liberty June11Honorable Mention Q2
Keith, Kyle Gregory10Honorable Mention Q2
Rystrom, Kayla Lynne10Honorable Mention Q2
Saunders, Abigail10Honorable Mention Q2
Stinson, McKenzie Elizabeth10Honorable Mention Q2
Benedict, Sophia Noelle9Honorable Mention Q2
Bloebaum, Braeden Daniel9Honorable Mention Q2
Choma, Van Michael9Honorable Mention Q2
Clouse, Caleb Evan9Honorable Mention Q2
Neville, Dalton Edward9Honorable Mention Q2
Robinson, Chase William9Honorable Mention Q2
Bronson, Charlee Elizabeth8Q2 Honor Roll
Ennis, Jacob Dean8Q2 Honor Roll
Hinze, Grant Eugene8Q2 Honor Roll
Hornbacher, Tyson Gerald8Q2 Honor Roll
Jurgensen, Levi Elmer8Q2 Honor Roll
Kitchen, Tate A8Q2 Honor Roll
Leif, Lynly Nicole8Q2 Honor Roll
Menze, Emery June8Q2 Honor Roll
Pankoke, Chase David8Q2 Honor Roll
Payne, Corey Jo8Q2 Honor Roll
Perry, Parker Ray8Q2 Honor Roll
Prashek, Kolton James8Q2 Honor Roll
Racette, Braelyn Marie8Q2 Honor Roll
Scheele, Paityn Jae8Q2 Honor Roll
Scholl, Levi Cameron8Q2 Honor Roll
Steele, Luke Ryan8Q2 Honor Roll
Stutzman, Hailey Lynn8Q2 Honor Roll
Walgren, Amelia Jo8Q2 Honor Roll
White, Jagger Delano8Q2 Honor Roll
White, Jarret Leroy8Q2 Honor Roll
Zimmer, Gentry Jolynn8Q2 Honor Roll
Ahrens, Leah Rose7Q2 Honor Roll
Baack, Piper Ann7Q2 Honor Roll
Breitkreutz, Kathryn Eva7Q2 Honor Roll
Bulgrin, Molly Rose7Q2 Honor Roll
Choma, Makaylyn Riley7Q2 Honor Roll
Dishman, Macy Ann7Q2 Honor Roll
Harroun, Halix Haden7Q2 Honor Roll
Heine, Dylan Edward7Q2 Honor Roll
Heine, Garrett Michael7Q2 Honor Roll
Heine, Vivian Rose7Q2 Honor Roll
Hladky, Brielle Sue7Q2 Honor Roll
Juranek, Reagan Marie7Q2 Honor Roll
Luebbe, Jack Matthew7Q2 Honor Roll
Moore, Jeslyn D'Nieja7Q2 Honor Roll
Morris, Dakota Kale7Q2 Honor Roll
Pekarek, Jack Daniel7Q2 Honor Roll
Polcyn, Jade Riley7Q2 Honor Roll
Robinson, Aviana Jolynn7Q2 Honor Roll
Shufeldt, Callan James7Q2 Honor Roll
Simmons, Elle Fay7Q2 Honor Roll
Stoll, Kenzie Christine7Q2 Honor Roll
Weier, Dalton Dennis7Q2 Honor Roll
Wolf, Ashton Leigh7Q2 Honor Roll
Bartholomew, Mya Norene6Q2 Honor Roll
Hessheimer, Taiden Allen6Q2 Honor Roll
Hoffmaster, Maliyah Rae6Q2 Honor Roll
Horton, Olivianna Marie6Q2 Honor Roll
Jurgensen, Lynn Aubrey6Q2 Honor Roll
Kosek, Kiptyn Rae6Q2 Honor Roll
Mason, Alexander James6Q2 Honor Roll
Moore, Jahnye Dezire6Q2 Honor Roll
Naber, Kellen James6Q2 Honor Roll
Perkins, Arabella Xaria6Q2 Honor Roll
Schultz, Zoey Raylynn6Q2 Honor Roll
Steele, Stella Charlotte6Q2 Honor Roll
Stelling, Wyatt Daniel6Q2 Honor Roll
Toovey, Tyler DeVere Kenneth6Q2 Honor Roll
Walford, Ella Nicole6Q2 Honor Roll
Walker, Aliyah Alexis6Q2 Honor Roll
Williams, Kathryn Elizabeth6Q2 Honor Roll
Crawford, Evan James8Q2 Honorable Mention
Dale, Paul Arthur8Q2 Honorable Mention
Johnson, Lane Robert8Q2 Honorable Mention
Allen, Kaidan Dean7Q2 Honorable Mention
Elisarraras, Jazmine Leigh Ruby7Q2 Honorable Mention
Hoefer, Kyler James7Q2 Honorable Mention
Nichols, Natalya Nicole7Q2 Honorable Mention
Prigge, Thor Z7Q2 Honorable Mention
Ueckert, Braylon Bradley7Q2 Honorable Mention
Butzke, Elden Robert6Q2 Honorable Mention
Kahler, Hadley Grace6Q2 Honorable Mention
Konken, Camden Lee6Q2 Honorable Mention
Luce, Carter Mitchell6Q2 Honorable Mention
Nave, Blake Andrew6Q2 Honorable Mention
Prashek, Sophia Renee6Q2 Honorable Mention
Schultz, Hunter Allen6Q2 Honorable Mention
Singleton, Clayton James6Q2 Honorable Mention
Stinson, Daniel James6Q2 Honorable Mention